Our process

Team working around computer

Creating innovative IT solutions through our proven 8-step process

Stage 1: Ideation

The first stage involves brainstorming and generating ideas for potential projects. This could come from internal stakeholders or external customers.

Stage 2: Requirements

We work with stakeholders to gather requirements for the project. This includes defining the scope, objectives, and constraints for the project.

Stage 3: Planning

We create a detailed plan for the project, including a timeline, budget, resources required, and the process for executing the project.

Stage 4: Design

We create the design for the solution, including both the technical design and the user interface design.

Stage 5: Development

We start developing the solution, including writing code, building the infrastructure, and testing the solution.

Stage 6: Testing

We thoroughly test the solution to ensure that it meets the requirements and works as intended.

Stage 7: Deployment

We deploy the solution to the customer's environment, making it available for use.

Stage 8: Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for the solution, including fixing any bugs or issues that arise and adding new features as needed.